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A cluttered and disorganized place is not liked by anyone. It creates a negative environment and diminishes the overall productivity. If to get rid of the clutter, you are thinking of going for a dumpster rental then there are certain dos and don’ts you should be familiar with. When it is your first time hiring a dumpster you might be confused about a lot of things. There are tons of factors that you want to consider but are unsure of whether or not they should be included in your list.

This article will make it all easy for you. This comprehensive guide covers all the factors that you should consider and the factors that you should avoid at all costs. Let’s explore them together!

Considerable Factors

When it comes to the dos of dumpster rental, there are certain things that you should check beforehand. This will allow you to be sure about what you want and which dumpster rental company you should choose. These factors include:

Right Size

One of the prime and foremost things that you should always take notice of before hiring a dumpster is its size. Every size of dumpster costs differently, you won’t want to waste your hard-earned money on a dumpster that is too big. Similarly, you won’t want to rent a dumpster that is too small to fix all the clutter inside. So, the right size is important. On the basis of your clutter, evaluate the size that can dump all of it inside easily. If evaluating it yourself might seem a bit difficult, you can ask the rental company to give you an estimate.

Waste Material

Not all kinds of things can be dumped inside the dumpster. Materials that are hazardous or harmful are not allowed to be taken away by regular dumpsters. This is why be sure that when you are searching for a “dumpster rental near me”, the waste materials are household or commercial building junk, furniture, debris, and all sorts of similar things. It is prohibited to dump electronics or other harmful materials. You can be double-assured by your selected company about the materials that you own and whether or not they allow a dumpster for it.

Prepare Space

Before allowing the dumpster to enter your space, it is essential to make sure that your space is ready to receive it. If there is not enough space, it might become a problem for you. You must have the required space where any dumpster can park and you can put all the waste material. If it is household junk, then there is a high chance that you are considering parking dumpsters in your driveway so making the necessary arrangements is important.

Local Regulations

Many local communities have certain set regulations that should be followed. You should keep in mind to check with the local community to get an idea about those regulations. Some municipalities require you to get a permit before you decide to place a dumpster on any public property. It is better to be sure about these regulations beforehand to avoid any issues later on.

Avoidable Factors

Just like the factors that you should consider before hiring a local dumpster rental, there are things that should be avoided too. Below described are some of the factors that you should not do.


We understand that you have a lot of stuff you want to get rid of. However, this doesn’t mean that you should overfill the dumpster. Overfilling can lead to extra charges that you may not like to pay. Similarly, it can even result in damaging the dumpster so avoid overfilling and only fill the dumpster to the limit it can easily handle.

Putting Prohibited Items

Regular dumpsters don’t allow certain things to be filled in. Be it your household electronic waste or some other hazardous material, it is better to call for a special dumpster if your junk includes such items. 


Once you are done with filling the dumpster, it is better to not delay the pickup. The more you delay to schedule a pickup time, the more fees you have to pay. Not only this, it can even raise health safety concerns for the people living in your community. This is why choose a company that allows for affordable dumpster rental with flexible pickups and can schedule it according to your selected time. 


This article gave you a comprehensive idea about the dos and don’ts of renting a dumpster. There are many factors that you should always consider before renting and certain other things that need to be avoided once you have rented a dumpster. If you are worried about the dumpster rental cost, it is better to go through this with your selected company. Choose a reliable and trustworthy company that offers flexible pickups and delivery. 

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